Fun With Grammar
15-04-2008 @ 19:22:01
Prepositions are funny words. Nouns are things, or people or places. Verbs are actions. Then there are conjunctions (right? It's been a while since I learned grammar) which conjoin things.

Then there are prepositions. Technically, they describe where one noun is in relation to another noun, but they're not adjectives.

Then there's the verb "to be," which isn't really much of an action as much as a state of relative "being-ness." Relative to me, you are. If you are not, that means you have a different relationship to me and everything else.

Which leads to my conclusion that prepositions are just static spatial verbs. Just as "to be" and its conjugations put someone/something in a specific state in relation to everything else, so do prepositions.

They're static in the sense that they're not conjugated. And they identify the spatial relationship between objects, how the objects "are" in relation to each other. Prepositions are another state of "being."

I made up a new preposition: afterneath.

Like, when the credits roll at the end of a film in alphabetical order, and Adams shows up first, and Baker is afterneath Adams.

Also realized that "Mediterranean" really means "that which is from Middle Earth." Have since renamed it "Hobbit Sea."
"That man doesn't know the difference between an errand and a fool's errand."
16-03-2008 @ 13:31:34
One of the ways my parents brought me up right is by telling me that I can do anything. This encouragement is what makes me confident when I try new things. "I'm not afraid of failing," I tell myself. "I can do anything. I can do this."

It's really a great feeling, being that convinced of success. Of course, it has its drawbacks, too. Often I try so hard the first time I do something that I do it too well and end up not being able to replicate it. Mostly because--now that I know I actually can do it--I'm bored with it and want to try something new again.

Another disadvantage is that I try EVERYTHING. Even things that I know in my gut I'll do terribly. If something doesn't go right the first time, it takes a long time and many tries to realize I actually suck at it. Like acting. Can't do it. It's alright, I've come to terms with it. I can do a lot of other things well.

So perhaps I'm foolish in my self-faith. Perhaps I don't know the difference between "an errand and a fool's errand." But let me tell you--for everything at which I do succeed--it's worth it.
First Blog!
09-03-2008 @ 16:36:33
Hi, and welcome to my blog! Thought I'd get something up in place of my website for the time being. It's a total nightmare. Should have just paid someone to host and design it. But no, I'm an Aries and have to try it myself. Then get lazy and quit halfway through.

I'm a professional writer and currently study at the University of Southern California. I mostly write poems, but I also write fiction, nonfiction, travel writing, screenplays, and technical writing, to name a few.

Anyway, if you'd like to contact me while my site is being imploded--I mean, created--you can email me at, or visit myspace at