"That man doesn't know the difference between an errand and a fool's errand."
16-03-2008 @ 13:31:34
One of the ways my parents brought me up right is by telling me that I can do anything. This encouragement is what makes me confident when I try new things. "I'm not afraid of failing," I tell myself. "I can do anything. I can do this."

It's really a great feeling, being that convinced of success. Of course, it has its drawbacks, too. Often I try so hard the first time I do something that I do it too well and end up not being able to replicate it. Mostly because--now that I know I actually can do it--I'm bored with it and want to try something new again.

Another disadvantage is that I try EVERYTHING. Even things that I know in my gut I'll do terribly. If something doesn't go right the first time, it takes a long time and many tries to realize I actually suck at it. Like acting. Can't do it. It's alright, I've come to terms with it. I can do a lot of other things well.

So perhaps I'm foolish in my self-faith. Perhaps I don't know the difference between "an errand and a fool's errand." But let me tell you--for everything at which I do succeed--it's worth it.