Fun With Grammar
15-04-2008 @ 19:22:01
Prepositions are funny words. Nouns are things, or people or places. Verbs are actions. Then there are conjunctions (right? It's been a while since I learned grammar) which conjoin things.

Then there are prepositions. Technically, they describe where one noun is in relation to another noun, but they're not adjectives.

Then there's the verb "to be," which isn't really much of an action as much as a state of relative "being-ness." Relative to me, you are. If you are not, that means you have a different relationship to me and everything else.

Which leads to my conclusion that prepositions are just static spatial verbs. Just as "to be" and its conjugations put someone/something in a specific state in relation to everything else, so do prepositions.

They're static in the sense that they're not conjugated. And they identify the spatial relationship between objects, how the objects "are" in relation to each other. Prepositions are another state of "being."

I made up a new preposition: afterneath.

Like, when the credits roll at the end of a film in alphabetical order, and Adams shows up first, and Baker is afterneath Adams.

Also realized that "Mediterranean" really means "that which is from Middle Earth." Have since renamed it "Hobbit Sea."